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Time for another blog train! The theme this month is “Traditions.” Growing up, a tradition my family had was picking out a  fresh Christmas tree each year, tying it to the top of our car, and decorating it once we got home. Each trip was a new adventure. I remember one year we had picked out our tree, but we had to take the tag off and pay for it at the front of the store, leaving our tree at the back. We drove around to pick up our tree and my dad noticed that it had a very long trunk. So, he he used the saw they had sitting there to trim it down, only to realize that it wasn’t our tree!

Well, I hope you can use my part of the blog train to scrap your Christmas tree memories!

You can pick it up HERE.

Then, head over to the next stop on the blog train. I’ve posted a couple around me just in case someone hasn’t posted their part yet.

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Once you’re done riding the train, come check out my store at ScrapDelicious! My grand opening sale is in full swing with 40% off my products this week!

Happy scrapping!

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